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Bryan Higgins

Learn to Build a Profit Plan that Prints Money for Your Business

Most businesses have ineffective marketing and sales systems that blows money instead of making profit.
Let me help you build a plan that literally prints money and generates profit from the beginning.

Laptop Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want the ability to work from anywhere in the world only needing an internet connection, a laptop, and a pot of coffee?


Frustrations of trial and error, analysis paralysis, and countless time and dollars inspired me to share my experiences and knowledge with other online Profit-Preneurs.


Regardless of your profit path, here are the key steps to make that happen:


Step 1

Pick a Profitable Niche

  • Identify Your Niche
  • Define Your Key Customer
  • Determine Where They "Hang Out"

Step 2

Choose Your Profit Path

  • Identify Their Main Problems
  • Solve Their Problem
  • Define Vehicle You Use to Solve It

Step 3

Launch, Test, Optimize

  • Launch Offer to Sample Market
  • Optimize From Feedback / Metrics
  • Test, Optimize, Repeat

Learn to BE A

Profit - Preneur

Surround yourself with like-minded people who have walked this road before. Learn to scale your business with a profit target from today forward by standing on the shoulders of giants. 

About Bryan​

About Bryan


First and foremost, I am a sober father, husband, son, brother, and uncle that lives in Denver, CO. I love to enjoy the outdoors by going hiking, snowboarding, and exploring. Life is meant to be lived and is a gift today.

I made profit in many ways online throughout my career. Some I still do today, others were not sustainable for me personally. Here is that list: Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA, Amazon FBM, Retail Arbitrage, T-Shirts, Etsy, E-Bay, Shopify, WordPress, Printful, Coaching, Consulting, Coarse Creation, Dropshipping, Podcasting, and Blogging.