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Best Affiliate Programs of 2021(High Paying for Beginners)

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Bryan Higgins
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Bryan is an online profit-preneur focused on creating multiple streams of income. With experience in just about every online business type he shares his experience to help others start and scale their online business.

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As many business operations have moved to the digital sphere, you can start looking into ways to make money online with ease. If you’re tired of spending hours grinding to earn a living, perhaps passive earnings through affiliate marketing are just what you need. As the new year approaches, you need to be smart in the way that you invest and earn money.

But what is affiliate marketing , anyway and how can you profit from it? This guide on making money with affiliate marketing will start with the best of the best, followed by an explanation of affiliate marketing for beginners. It will help steer you in the right direction in becoming a profit-preneuer.

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Futre Ways to Make Money

One of the best High Ticket Affiliate programs around. Great for anyone that wants to start an online business but does not know where to begin. Dave Sharpe delivers foundational online marketing education simply with integrity.

fiverr logo

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for online freelancing services. From marketing to design to tech, there’s a solution available for every need. Promote the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Get paid to drive traffic with dynamic CPA Up to $’s that easy.

click-funnels logo

Clickfunnels has one of the best Affiliate Programs around. Help your niche customers build funnels by sending them to Clickfunnels. You can earn up to 40% recurring commission every month. Once you hit 100 active members they will pay for a new car!

Best Ecommerce Related Affiliate Programs



If your audience is looking to launch a business, migrate an existing store from another platform, or monetize hobbies with commerce, I encourage you to apply for the Shopify Affiliate Program.


Helium 10

Partner up with Helium 10 and get paid for giving your audience the solutions they need on Amazon.

BigCommerce logo

Big Commerce

Refer visitors to BigCommerce and earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer. Join today to grow your revenue with the leading ecommerce platform.



Refer your audience & followers to SEMRush & earn commissions on conversions. Monetize your audience with one of the worlds best known Marketing Tools and earn $200 commission. Promote +40 international award-winning tools with over 6,000,000 users. 6+ million users. Highlights: Demo Available On Request, Anytime Cancellation Option Available, Webinars Available.


Amazon Associates

Welcome to one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

Website Design



With excellent conversion rates, Elementor practically sells itself. They work really hard to make Elementor the revolutionary website builder tool that it is.


Elegant Themes

Earn Money by promoting your favorite themes! When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and text links that you can place on your website. If they sign up, you get 50% of the sale

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs



Simply promote Bluehost on your website with custom banners and links. For every visitor who clicks through these links and signs up, you will receive $65. Help others learn why Bluehost is so great. The more you do so, the more you make!


A2 Hosting

Earn up to $125 for each new customer you refer to A2 Hosting! Sell our high-speed, ultra reliable hosting to your users!



Earn Money With The HostGator Affiliate Program Sign up for HostGator's Affiliate program and work with a team of experts to get you earning right away!



Earn at least 60% from every sale. Promote a trusted service loved by millions. Join an affiliate program that values your partnership. They come with an Affiliate Manager and a ton of resources and tools.

wp engine

WP Engine

Earn up to tens of thousands of commissions for just one referral by recommending the best managed hosting on the World's only WordPress Digital Experience Platform.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web

As an affiliate, you earn cash for referring new customers to Liquid Web. You’ll have access to a library of banner ads and links to promote Liquid Web’s products, and when someone orders through your link, you’ll get paid! Earn $150+ per sale.

Best VPN Affiliate Programs


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Express VPN

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Surfshark VPN

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Pure VPN

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which you promote another party’s product in return for a commission on every sale. So, if you advertise someone’s product using a code, you will receive a percentage of the profits when a customer purchases that product using your code. In some cases, the commission can also be a fixed amount of money that you get every month for helping promote the product. Your income through affiliate marketing can also be based on how many leads you generate for the seller. Now that you know what it is, let’s get into how you can start making money with affiliate marketing.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

While there’s no doubt that you can earn money with affiliate marketing, how you approach the process matters a lot. You must understand how this business operates and employ strategies that bring results. With the right approach and enough time, you can even start earning five figures a month from affiliate marketing alone.

Determine Your Target Audience

To make the most money from this type of marketing, you need to target people who are willing to spend money on products you’re promoting. So, you need to know who that specific group of people is. You can narrow down your target audience based on factors like:

  • Age group
  • Income background
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Employment status (student, employee, or both) 
  • Industry they operate in (for example, you should be promoting music recording equipment to studio owners, producers, musicians, and other parties in the music industry)

This list is not exhaustive, so don’t be afraid to make your audience even more specific. Once you know who your target audience is, you can start promoting products that will appeal to them. Using the example above, say you have a website that reviews music recording equipment. In that case, you could use affiliate marketing to earn money by target an audience of music producers, sound engineers, or musicians looking for a home studio setup. These people will be willing to spend money on the type of products you’re providing information on. 


Select Your Affiliate Marketing Program

After you know who your target audience is, you must select an affiliate marketing program. An affiliate marketing program is an arrangement between you and a company that details the products that you’ll be promoting. 

The details of your affiliate marketing include:

  • The amount of money you will be paid by the seller for your promotion (includes the percentage of your commission).
  • The duration of how long your code is applicable.
  • The method through which you will be paid and by what date.
  • What methods/platforms you will use to promote the products.
  • The countries in which your affiliate marketing is applicable.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, Amazon is a great platform to start. Most products are available on the platform, and its userbase is enormous. So, you have a good chance of getting a commission on a product as interested parties are likely to make purchases on Amazon. One downside is that there’s a lot of competition on Amazon, so customers may use another marketer’s affiliate link and not yours. 

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are some good marketplaces where you can find various affiliate marketing programs. Using these can help you find some of the best affiliate programs for beginners. 

  1. CJ: You can sign up on this platform and select an affiliate market program among hundreds of different options and companies. 
  1. Awin: This platform has been in business for over 20 years and has several options to consider
  1. Commission Factory: This is a good platform for audiences who are based in Australia 

The advantage of selecting these platforms is that they have several tools you can use to find partners that are best suited to your needs.

Identify Your Reader’s Intent to Determine Who to Partner With

An important aspect of determining what products you should promote through your website or page is to identify the reader’s intent. Reader’s intent is the reason why the reader (or customer) visits your website and consume your content. 


After you know why they visit your website, you should secure partnerships with sellers that sell products that can help attract more visitors. It’s important to note at this point that your goal as an affiliate marketer is not to gain as many leads as possible. You simply have to target people who are willing to spend money on products that you talk about. 

Create Content That Solves Your Audience’s Problem

When creating content to bring in visitors to your website, you should design it as a solution to a problem. Doing so is the best way to start making money with affiliate marketing because people with a problem tend to be willing to spend money to move past it. 


Think about what the topic of your website is. For example, if it’s about pet care, you know that your target audience is pet owners. So, what potential pain points could your target audience have in this case? One example is that they don’t know what litter they should get for their pet cat. Thus, you could write informative and search engine optimized (SEO) content that discusses what litters they could consider. For every type of litter that you write about, you can provide an affiliate link to a product. If your content is good enough to convince your audience to make a purchase at that moment, you will make money. 


Continue brainstorming ideas about other pain points your target audience may have. For every pain point, write content that provides solutions along with links to products your audience can use. Also, of course, you should partner up with manufacturers of pet-related products. Consistently creating more content and optimizing it for SEO can help increase the number of people who are willing to spend money to visit your website. 

Use Keywords to Target the Correct Audience

While generating engaging and valuable content is essential, it’s not enough to help you make money with affiliate marketing. You will need to use keywords that will help attract internet users who want to make purchases. Your aim is not just to inform but promote and secure a sale. Thus, you should use keywords that have buying words. 


Examples of buying words include 

  • Best affordable product or best high-end product (you’re helping users know what products are available in the market)
  • Product reviews (recommend a specific product or recommend a competitor—in both cases, you should have affiliate links)
  • For men/women/children/students/executives/athletes/gamers (mentioning the target audience can help attract visitors who want to make a purchase)
  • Product A vs. Product B (compare two specific products and provide affiliate links for users to buy both)

More traffic is nothing if it’s not targeted to buyers. So, it’s best to focus on including targeted keywords with buying words. You can use both short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Typically, long-tail keywords are those that have 3 or more words in them. Using more long-tail keywords is in your benefit because they are a lot more specific than short-tail ones. 

Perform Keyword Research

If you truly want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must do enough research. You can know what users to target, what content to create, and what keywords to use by researching what users search for. You can use keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest to find common keywords, the volume of the searches, and more. 


You can also research keywords from search engines like Google. Search for a keyword related to your topic and look at the “People also ask” section. Here, there should be a list of questions people ask about that topic. These are potential pain points that you can provide answers to, and you can get people to look at your content with target keywords. The “related searches” section is also a good place to learn more about what people search for. 


Optimize Your Posts

Now that you have a target audience, an affiliate program, valuable content, and the keywords to attract users, you need to optimize your content. First off, you must understand that making money with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight. However, creating clear and effective calls to action and deep linking can help speed the process.

Create Effective Calls to Action (CTA)

Your content should have a CTA if you’re looking to encourage sales. It’s best if your CTA is separated from the rest of your content as a different paragraph in bold or italics. You can also consider using a CTA box to improve the overall presentation. You can design it so that it matches the colors of your company’s color scheme for a bit of consistency. 

The purpose of a CTA is to encourage your reader to make a purchase decision by clicking on your affiliate link. It helps them know exactly get the product that they’re looking for without needing to search the internet further. An effective CTA should be clear and concise. You don’t want to oversell it, but you should give your reader a clear sense of direction. 

Example CTA: If you’re looking for an electric bike with tremendous value, then this product is just what you need. Buy yours today!

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Many people use the internet on their phones instead of desktop websites. Therefore, you should ensure that the mobile version is fast and adjusts the font size correctly. Google also ranks the mobile versions of websites, so make sure to have a professional optimize yours. 

Don’t Overstuff Affiliate Links

If you have to include multiple affiliate links in your content, you should try and space them out. Putting too many together can look spammy, which can hurt your SEO ranking. It can also come off as overselling, which doesn’t help convince potential buyers to make a purchase. You can increase users’ trust in your words by adding a personal story of you using the product. Providing reasons that showcase a sense of urgency of getting the product can also help with maximizing profits with affiliate marketing

Consider Including Deep Linking

Deep linking is when you include affiliate links within your text instead of separate buttons that users can click on. This option is good if you have links to multiple products. Using many widgets instead of deep links can decrease the speed of loading content on your webpage. Slower pages result in lower SEO rankings, and they may force users to switch to another website. 

Finishing Up

You have to stay proactive in monitoring your affiliates. Track your affiliate and see how it’s doing in terms of conversions. If a link is not getting many conversions, revisit and look at ways that you can optimize the page or improve the content to encourage people to click the link. Use more specific and targeted keywords (or fewer if you have overstuffed keywords). Update your blogs if necessary, making them act as better solutions to problems than before. 



To ensure that you make money, you will also need to network with other professionals, either online or in person. Building relationships can help you find better affiliate programs to maximize profits, and you can also find partners to help with marketing. 

You must remember that affiliate marketing is not tough; it just requires you to be smart about how you promote content. Also, considering the specific of this business update, continue educating yourself on all things affiliate marketing and SEO so that you stay ahead.

Last Updated On By Bryan Higgins
Bryan Higgins

Bryan Higgins

Bryan is an online profit-preneur focused on creating multiple streams of income. With experience in just about every online business type he shares his experience to help others start and scale their online business.


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