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Best Website Hosting Platforms for 2021

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Bryan Higgins
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Bryan is an online profit-preneur focused on creating multiple streams of income. With experience in just about every online business type he shares his experience to help others start and scale their online business.

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Choosing the right website hosting platform that aligns with your company’s needs and business goals is no easy feat. While most people understand the significance of building awesome websites and creating winning content, it is easy to overlook the importance of a good web host.


As a result, many people end up making the wrong choice at the beginning, which later leads to grave consequences down the road.  

Why Choose the Best Web Hosting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while setting up a website is to choose the first hosting service you find or base your choice solely on the price. The few bucks you save on hosting will not be worth it in the end if your website goes down.


It is essential to understand that downtime is directly proportional to the loss of revenue. It also has an adverse effect on your SEO ranking. Therefore, reliability and an excellent uptime track record is a must when it comes to choosing a website hosting.


Even if your website does not experience downtime, a wrong hosting decision can still come back to bite you because website loading time depends on the hosting. The longer your website takes to load, the higher is the bounce rate. Plus, slow loading time also affects your SEO ranking and ultimately, results in revenue loss.  


Furthermore, your website security also depends on the hosting you choose. Sure, there is no fool-proof solution to making a website 100% secure. However, reputable web hosting companies are more likely to back up your data to remote servers, minimizing the chance of data loss.


They will also offer SSL certificates to make sure that the information sent to your website is safe and encrypted. As a result, you will be able to provide better services to your website visitors without worrying about security threats. Good web hosting services will also assist you with maintenance, security, and support issues 24/7.


Considering everything, it won’t be a stretch to say that good website hosting plays a significant role in business success. On the other hand, making the wrong choice in this regard can have grave consequences.    

Types of Website Hosting Services

In order to make the right decision and choose the best hosting service for your website, it is essential to understand your options. Currently, different types of web hosting services are available in the market. Let’s take a quick look at the ones that are most commonly used.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting entails that your website will be stored on the same server with a couple of other websites. It is often the go-to hosting for startups as it is the cheaper option. The loading speed is usually adequate but falls short when compared to other hosting options.


It is best to avoid shared hosting as a long-term solution as it is unlikely to withstand high traffic. Regardless, it is a viable and the most affordable option to get your website up and running.      

VPS Hosting

When you opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, your website is hosted in a separated virtual space. This results in better loading speed. Plus, it can manage a considerable amount of traffic without a hassle.


All in all, VPS hosting is generally a good option for small and medium-sized businesses that receive considerable traffic. In terms of money, VPS hosting plans are typically more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting  

If you want to scale to the top of your niche or industry, then dedicated may be the best choice for you. It is considered  as the most reliable and fastest option out there. It is suitable for larger businesses and organizations that receive a lot of traffic.


Choosing a dedicated hosting plan will get you a dedicated server just for your website. It is also more secure than other hosting options. However, it is one of the most costly hosting options, so be prepared for the expense.

Best Website Hosting Platforms

Now that you know why it is important to do your homework before choosing the ideal website hosting service for your website, let’s look at some of the best website hosting platforms that are known for their high-quality, reliable services and some awesome hosting plans.  

Bluehost - Our Top Pick

Bluehost is easily one of the best all-in-one website platforms in the market. Whether you are starting out or want to upgrade your website, Bluehost has the perfect hosting solutions. It offers different kinds of hosting, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.  


  • Shared Hosting Plans: Four hosting plans are available for Shared Hosting: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. All plans include a free domain for one year, custom themes, SSD storage, CDN, and SSL certificates. Other features vary.  
  • VPS Hosting Plans: Three hosting plans are available for VPS hosting: Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. The plans vary depending on bandwidth, RAM, SSD storage, and the maximum number of IP addresses allowed.  
  • Dedicated Hosting Plan: Three dedicated hosting plans are available: Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. All plans provide mirrored storage. However, the number of cores, storage, RAM, Bandwidth, and maximum IP addresses vary.   
You can learn more about Bluehost Plans by clicking here. While anyone can use Bluehost hosting services, the platform is a particularly great choice for WordPress websites as it offers WP hosting plans. Plus, it gives you access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress website themes.

All you have to do is choose the theme you like the best and customize it in whatever way you like. You can also add powerful plug-ins to add additional features and functionalities to your website. However, keep in mind that filling your WordPress website with plug-ins can affect the loading speed. Therefore, it is best to keep the plug-ins to a minimum.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers three WordPress Hosting Plans – Build, Scale, and Grow. All plans allow you to build as many websites and point as many domains that you want. Plus, there is no limit on subdomains, which means you can organize your website in any way.


The best part is that you get unlimited web storage to nurture and grow your website without worrying about data storage. You can also drive as much traffic to your website as you want because there are no overcharges or traffic limits.


  • Build Plan: The first plan, Build, is the least expensive of the three. It contains all the basic features that you need to start a professional WordPress website, including 100+ FREE WP themes, daily backup, basic site analytics, malware detection and removal, domain privacy, etc.
  • Grow Plan: The Grow plan is suitable for people looking to expand their outreach and grow the audience. The grow plan includes everything in the Build Plan, along with additional features, including premium site analytics, business review tools, Ads integration, 10GB video compression, and more!
  • Scale Plan: This plan offers advanced features for running an ecommerce WordPress website. It covers all the features offered in the Grow plan, along with several other advanced features, such as Pro site analytics, unlimited backup and restore, unlimited video compression, PayPal integration, elastic search, and more.

A2Hosting – Fast & Reliable

A2 offers some solid hosting plans that can help boost your SEO and conversion rates. You can use the A2 site builder to create and publish new websites or move existing websites to A2 hosting. Either way – you can expect fast and reliable hosting with a 99.9% uptime commitment.


It must be mentioned that A2 hosting is considered to be one of the pricier options. However, the cost is justified considering the awesome hosting plans, exceptional features, impressive uptime, and wonderful customer service.

A2 Hosting Plans

A2 offers a wide arrange of hosting plans that you can consider. All plans include free automatic backup, SSD space and transfer, and free SSL certificates. Let’s take a quick overview of A2 hosting plan options.


  • Shared Hosting: A2 shared hosting plans are ideal for people looking to host personal websites or blogs. Free site migration is provided to help streamline the migration process.
  • Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting plans are designed for people who want to host their own customers. You can easily create individual hosting accounts and enjoy WHM cPanel and free billing system options.  
  • VPS Hosting: Ideal for businesses, VPS hosting plans offer enhanced security and free migration. You can choose the management level to enjoy customized services.  
  • Dedicated Hosting: It is the best choice for most intensive business needs. A2 Dedicated website hosting plans allow you to customize the server’s resources and power. 

To learn more about these hosting plans, click here.   

Hostgator – Most Affordable Option

Hostgator is immensely popular amongst beginners and bloggers for two reasons. First of all, they offer some jaw-dropping prices. Secondly, the customer care service is extremely responsive and helpful. So, if you are a newbie, you can rely on the Hostgator team to help you out.


You can contact customer care through telephone or live chat 24/7. Plus, there’s a colossal database filled with common questions and queries. Everything you need to know is explained in easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for your ease.  


The only downfall is that you can’t expect advanced features for such pricing. However, the features that are offered work perfectly. The loading time is also pretty impressive, and the track record for uptime is also great.

Hostgator Hosting Plans

Here is a list of hosting options offered by Hostgator. 


  • Shared Hosting: Fast, simple, and affordable – shared hosting plans by Hostgator are the most economical yet reliable options out there. Plus, you get a free domain for a year.
  • Website Builder: Website builder hosting plans are ideal for you if you want to build and publish web pages via Hostgator. You can use the drag-and-drop options to create and publish engaging pages within minutes.  
  • WordPress Hosting: Special hosting is available for WordPress websites. You can benefit from advanced security, simplified cPanel, free site migration, and even a free domain. 
  • VPS Hosting: Want full root access in a scalable environment for an affordable price? Then consider VPS hosting plans offered by Hostgator.   
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting plans offer complete and utmost server control. These plans are ideal for larger websites that receive tons of traffic.

To learn more about these hosting plans, click here.   

wix logo

Wix – Website Hosting for Free!  

Unlike the rest of the options discussed above, Wix is not a web hosting service provider. It is essentially a template website builder that offers free hosting when you use it to create your website.  


So, if you want to build an attractive website anyway, why not enjoy website hosting for free with Wix? It is quick and hassle-free. Your website hosting sets up automatically as soon as you publish your website and there is no need for plug-ins or installations. Plus, you can rest assured that the networks and servers are safe and secure and will keep your website up and running.


Free web hosting by Wix includes 500MB of cloud storage and 500MB bandwidth. It is good enough to get you started. However, if you require additional bandwidth or want to access premium features, you can always switch to the Premium Plan to get unlimited bandwidth and up to 50GB of cloud storage. To learn more about Wix and how to get website hosting for free, click here.  

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right website hosting is fundamental to business success. The trick to choosing the right hosting plan is to consider the individual business needs and budget.


You will most likely have a long-term relationship with your hosting service provider, so make sure you choose wisely. Don’t be hasty – look carefully into all options to make an informed decision. The future of your business depends on it!

Last Updated On By Bryan Higgins

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every program in this guide and believe they are the best for email marketing. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

Bryan Higgins

Bryan Higgins

Bryan is an online profit-preneur focused on creating multiple streams of income. With experience in just about every online business type he shares his experience to help others start and scale their online business.

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