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Best Online Course Platforms to Create Your Course (2021)

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Today, you can find paid and free online courses on just about any topic, and various businesses and individuals offer comprehensive studies on each subject. With knowledge from industry leaders, there’s a lot to learn and take away for students who want to learn a new skill or how to develop or promote their business.


If you plan to share some knowledge you’ve gathered over the years with potential students, you can start your own online courses institute. To effectively create your own online courses, there are a number of different platforms that you can consider for various purposes. This comprehensive guide will breakdown a list of excellent online course platforms that you can use for your business. 

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What Is E-Learning?

To understand online courses to their fullest, you must understand the process of electronic-learning. So, what is e-learning or electronic learning? Well, it is a process in which an individual or company acquires knowledge through electronic media and technologies. Therefore, the learning process is enabled electronically and is conducted on the internet for the most part. Students can access their course material online wherever they are and at whatever time. This process has enabled people to learn about various subjects overseas and from the comfort of their homes.  Another term for this process of education is known as online learning. 


E-learning can exist in different forms, such as an online course, online degree, or an online program. You can find various online courses on online marketplaces, i.e., platforms where you purchase and view online courses. Therefore, many businesses are using these platforms to educate their employees and implement new business strategies to improve operations. 

Types of Online Course Platforms

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Before namedropping some platforms that you can use, you must know what types are out there. There are two broad categories of platforms for online courses, including course creation software and course marketplace. 


Course creation software is specifically for creating courses, and so it offers various customization options. These options allow you to select multiple content formats when you design and build your course, create branded landing pages, and get access to marketing tools. Some course platforms may charge a transaction fee in addition to a fixed monthly subscription. 


In a course marketplace, your online course will be included in a catalog of other courses. You can customize and personalize your course’s landing page, but you won’t have as many options as you would with course creation software. The great advantage of a course marketplace is that you’ll already have a student base that can view your online courses. This way, you won’t have to market your company as much as you would if you were starting from scratch. 


With that said, let’s get into some of the best platforms available. 

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Learn To Become Financially Independent Without Being Stuck In A Dead End Job Forever

Best Online Course Platforms to Create Your Course

The focus of this guide is on platforms that create and sell online courses. Thus, it does not account for their learning management systems (LMS). Each one of the online course platforms is best suited to businesses that wish to create and sell courses for profit. Here are some of the best out there. 


thinkific logo

The Thinkific Templates Helps Make course Creation a Simple Process

There are two aspects to take care of when building an e-learning course on Thinkific. This includes the landing page and the course material. There are specific templates to get you started on both of these aspects. These are knowns as: 

  • pre-sell 
  • flagship course
  • mini-course
  • webinar replay
  • membership resource library

You can follow any one of these templates exactly as they are, or you can alter them to fit your specific needs. Moreover, you can access various video lessons on designing your e-learning course so that you can make your educational material as effective as possible. In addition to that, the templates will provide you with samples of quizzes, surveys, downloads, and instructor messages.

Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms for creating your own online courses. As a course creation software, it offers a lot of options for making your course unique while also simplifying the process. It manages this by providing comprehensive templates that’ll guide you on how many lessons to include in your course, where to include your quizzes and assignments, and so on. 


Build Websites with Ease with Thinkific

Thinkific has a website builder that simplifies the process and provides you with a user-friendly e-learning course platform. There are few steps that you have to complete to create your webpage. This process can be summarized into selecting your website’s pages, including the web copy for each page, and picking a theme for your website. 

Add Testimonials to Boost Your Marketing

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You should add testimonials to your website to market your paid or free online courses and encourage more potential students to enroll. Good customer reviews are always a great way of establishing credibility in your work.


Adding testimonials to Thinkfic is a quick and easy process. Make sure to turn on student reviews on your website. When you see some that you like, add them to your website landing page. 

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Learn To Become Financially Independent Without Being Stuck In A Dead End Job Forever

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